Prel&va the automated warehouse for the pharmacy.


More space: full availability of the sales now used for storing pharmaceuticals. Consequent increase in the area to be intended for sale or diagnostic services.

Recall products from the sales counter

Saving time and making optimum use of personnel: elimination of the levy and the manual loading of product.

Flexibility of the system: delivery of products where required, tailored solution for each pharmacy.

Higher availability: The time currently used for manual sampling of the products, can be devoted to a more constructive and professional relationship with the customer. Uninterrupted contact with the customer, the receipt of the recipe, to product delivery.

Productivity: increase in the number of prescriptions handled.

Profitability: increase productivity without additional staff.

Automatic Loading

A rapid return on investment thanks to the more free choices in operating retail area, the extension of the latter and the best use of staff.

Image: different relationship with the client, as by waiving the traditional retail bank, in favor of "meeting points" of design philosophy equated to study or office. The pharmacy become more modern, efficient and dynamic.

In this perspective, the ability to create the "Pharmacy in Pharmacy" with direct exposure of all the counter products because of the customer in complete control over the area and the lack of definition represented by the bank.

Simplifying the management of the warehouse, due to the ease of loading.

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