Prel&va the automated warehouse for the pharmacy


Prel&va is available in 3 different models to suit many different needs and areas of the pharmacy. Full availability of space in retail area, now used to store pharmaceuticals.

Prel&va into the standard model is shown in the figure below. This model is ideal for pharmacy with ample space in the warehouse. It offers maximum performance and maximum storage capacity.

Prel&va standard

Photo Prel&va Standard Model Prel&va Standard Model

Prel&va into the compact model is the ideal model for pharmacy without storage space. It offers good performance and discrete storage capacity.

Prel&va compact

Prel&va compact model

Prel&va in the model module is the ideal model for local pharmacy without a sufficient length to install the standard and compact models. Modules can be installed in rooms also 4x4 square. The model has high capacity but lower sampling rate than in previous models.

Prel&va modula

Prel&va modula model

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