Prel&va the automated warehouse for the pharmacy


PREL&VA è is the first automatic warehouse that automatically loads the stock items and sends them to sales counters making automating pharmacy.

Recall of products from the sales counter

The automatic warehouse allows the pharmacist to:

  • save space in retail area
  • rationalize the use of staff
  • place the sales counters of medicine in several places
  • Have more time for the council
  • Loading of products in stock very simple
  • Timely and accurate verification of the products delivered
  • Load product without slowing down the time of collection
  • High-speed sampling
  • High speed check and loading the medicine delivered by the wholesaler.
  • Easy connection with existing management software.
View internal automated warehouse.

The product recall is made by computer from the sales counter. Thanks to PREL&VA and transport systems, you can create a set course within the pharmacy that allows customers to view products on display and to stop any counter to order prescription drugs .

The automatic loading units perform independently and quickly all the loading procedures.

A medium-large pharmacy charge delivery of a whole day in about 3 hours.

Automatic loading

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