Prel&va the automated warehouse for the pharmacy


An automatic warehouse minimum size has a length of 3200 mm, a height of 1800 mm and a width of 1700 mm. Assuming a stock length of 3200mm with a height of 2500 mm and a width of 1700 mm is the average capacity of 624 items. Each add-on shelving of 1040 mm in length containing an average of 624 items.

Internal View of the automated warehouse

The size of Prel&va fit the available space. If this space is limited, you can increase the capacity of Prel&va, with high-density system that allows you to store several references to low spin on the same tray. In this way, a module configured with the high density system contains an average of 2400 references. This means that a stock of 6 useful modules with a module containing a high density storage media contains 5500 references.

Plan storage products

The size of the warehouse and its capacity can be variable depending on the particular needs of the pharmacist. You can have:

For pharmacies that have little space in retail area and also have limited space in the back or in the basement, APIEL has developed high-density modules.

These modules have a higher capacity than the traditional system. Considering a height of 1.80m, a HD module contains 1280 references.

In these shelves, the storage tanks are divided into compartments. The loading is done in portrait mode, with a piece above the other, rather than horizontally. In the early stages of picking and loading the trays are removed from the shelves and the pieces are picked up or loaded from the top.

This system is ideal for storage of low and medium rotation and allows the pharmacist with a limited space, clear the area of sales, from the drawer of the medicine.

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